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Hechang is proud to offer cutting-edge wire harness processing equipment specifically designed for new energy vehicle manufacturing. Our equipment is engineered to meet the unique demands of the industry, ensuring efficient and precise assembly of wire harnesses for electric and hybrid vehicles.


With our advanced wire stripping machines, you can effortlessly remove insulation from wires, preparing them for assembly. Our high-precision wire cutting machines guarantee accurate wire lengths, enabling reliable connections and optimizing the performance of your new energy vehicles.


Ensure the utmost quality and reliability of your wire harnesses with our state-of-the-art crimping machines. These machines deliver secure and durable connections, meeting the stringent requirements of the new energy vehicle industry. Our labeling systems streamline identification and troubleshooting, simplifying maintenance and repairs.


By investing in Hechang's wire harness processing equipment, you can enhance your production efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. Our equipment is designed to integrate seamlessly into your manufacturing processes, allowing for smooth and efficient assembly of wire harnesses for new energy vehicles.


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